Acid for your face? Go figure!

Saira Valley

Posted on November 28 2018

Acid for your face? Go figure!

I am 38 years old, and I will admit that the first time I got a facial, I was 38.....

I was informed by many wiser and more seasoned in skincare that 38 was far too old to not have received a skin pampering session with a professional, but that in lieu of it perhaps I should try an at home facial. This is scary territory because we have ALL seen those coming of age movies where the at home facial results in a 3-month long breakout session with redness and embarrassment. But I was guided towards Baby Facial by Drunk Elephant and I figured, what the heck!

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial This mask is an AHA/BHA cocktail that works to melt away the gross stuff on your skin and resurface it to give you better texture and smoothness. If you suffer from bumps on your skin, closed comedones, blackheads or just dullness in general, adding a good acid facial to your skin care regimen can be just the thing you need to de-age yourself. I grabbed mine at Sephora and stock up during their VIB events for extra savings. So here is my personal experience with this baby facial business.

I expected with the pale pink bottle and the name, that this would be a mild facial, good for a skin care virgin. LET ME ASSURE YOU THIS IS NOT A BABY FACIAL! Nope, no NO! You can feel the tingle the moment this product touches your skin. It has a faint almond smell and comes out looking like foundation. A little goes a LONG way.

Ok, how do we do this?

First, I made sure my skin was clean (I use the double cleanse method explained in my skincare post) but I stop after the second face wash. To avoid over treating your skin and looking like a lobster, do not use any other acid products on your skin prior to this treatment. I'm serious!

I applied a thin layer and instantly knew this stuff was  working. I was prickling and tingling all over my face. I let the mask sit and soak in for 20 minutes, and then I wiped it off using a warm wet face towel. The mask really clings to your skin, so I like to use the towel to make sure it all comes off. Then I doused my skin in the marula oil that comes with the facial to pamper and moisturize after that rigorous face bath.

do NOT use a retinoid after an acid treatment. You will have a very angry face. 

The results were awesome. I did not notice the outcome till the next morning when I woke up and my skin was smoother, more radiant and the tiny black pores i usually see on my nose and chin (under my 20 million X makeup mirror) looked, clean!

It only took one use for me to be hooked, and I use this once a week and it is by far one of my absolute favorite treatments. It just works. 

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