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Halloween All Treats, No Tricks BS Bag

Halloween All Treats, No Tricks BS Bag

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By popular demand, the seasonal ALL treats no tricks BS box is BACK BABY. And bigger and BETTER than ever!!! FYI this year…we had to buy a BIGGER box to fit ALL the treats we have for you!!

Also making a grand return are the hand-spun lollipops, made by the same gourmet candy maker who custom designs these for celebrity clients like Lebron James and Marc Jacobs and Chanel!
No tricks, all treats BS bag!
So what is the BS bag anyways??

A BS bag (in case you missed it BS stands for Butch and Saira LOL,) is a mystery bag stuffed with goodness. This is our seasonal BS bags designed to treat you to something holiday appropriate, so you can enjoy the same feeling as a kid does when they ransack their trick or treat bags, or dump out their Christmas stocking. BS bags are ALWAYS worth more than you pay 

Here is JUST a sample of what we have for you...
• Gourmet popcorn in a BUNCH of flavors!!! (this is a NEW manufacturer we are using and they are YUMMY)
• Gourmet MAYANA chocolate dessert bars
• Small batch s'mores (these taste like magic)
• Chocolate covered marshmallows……
• Candy club (including their special halloween collection)
• Legally addictive
and so SO much more!!

the ALL treats no Tricks box is 54.99 and we have a limited quantity since ALL the food is HERE and ready to GO. Each box will be stuffed full and believe me, we ALWAYS give you more than you pay in value. It’s a no brainer. and remember, these boxes are BIGGER than last year 🙂 by a lot. if you have any allergies (or flavor aversions) please let us know!

we hope you LOVE these and we are SO excited to get them into your hands (and tummy LOL)