5 Skin Care Myths BUSTED - Myth 1

Our first myth? Pores open and close. 

Oh sad, sad day. 

Pores don't open or close. They are what they are, and no amount of steaming or ice water will change that.  When you use steam on your face, what actually happens is moisture loosens the sebum and particles clogging your pore up and helps the gunk slide out more easily.

If your pores are chronically clogged they can make your skin look dull, and impact texture and tone and prevent serums and treatments from penetrating to do the deep work. The best solutions are:

  • Retinol
  • Acids 

Acids help melt away debris and impurities in your skin and retinol can help promote cell turn over. Since both of these are active products, don't use them on the same day, and make sure you always use sunscreen!