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Judy Blue Pre order

We are trying something new!! A few times a month we run pre orders for an epic Judy Blue jean! With the launch of our app we are going to try posting a page that has a redirect link to the claim post for you. Because we only invoice once Judy Blue has confirmed they have the item in stock, we don't like to invoice until we know for sure we have your item. Otherwise we would just have you claim on the app or website. 

So, to claim is easy. Click this link to be redirected TO THE POST. all your do is claim your size when you get there. Once Judy Blue has confirmed the items are in stock, (99% of the time they are) we will send an invoice. But please don't claim unless you are buying as we order based on your claims. 

Inseam: 27"
Rise: 11.5"

66% Cotton
21% Polyester
11% Rayon
2% Spandex

Sizes Availabe:

0,1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15, 14w, 16w,18w,20w