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Box of Wrapped gifts!!

Box of Wrapped gifts!!

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Did someone say Christmas?

I love Christmas. I spend weeks searching for the perfect gifts for everyone, and i love to watch their faces as they tear the paper and see what treasures they got.
But usually, there is nothing for me. Not because my family doesn't love me, but they just don't know what to get me. So they don't get me anything. And i find myself a little sad. Missing the days when i got to open something special. The gifts i got as a kid weren't huge, or earth shattering. but they were thoughtful, and every time i would reach for said gift during the days and months after Christmas, i would be reminded that someone thought of me. And that was nice.

So last year, we came up with an idea to do a gift yourself a surprise box! i couldn't believe how many of you loved the idea and loved what you got! So this year, i started planning for this 8 weeks ago so i would be ready!!

So BACK by popular demand, the give yourself a gift box is back!! How cute is this box!! its a special rose gold metallic box we got just for you to be wowed on Christmas morning!!!

inside will be 5-7 presents, wrapped for you to open. And yes, Butch and i are literally wrapping every. single. one. thats a lot of wrapping LOL.

There are TWO rules!!!
1. NO opening this before Christmas morning!!!
2. NO posting pictures of your box until after Christmas day.

These are gift items, that will hopefully make you happy and also remind you every time you reach for them, how special you are. Because everyone deserves to be reminded, often, that they are special.