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EPIC treat box!

EPIC treat box!

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i have been working on this for like a two months!! Curating the best snacks and treats from companies that have waitlists a mile long! picking the best and then creating this amazing box for you! and yes, we have tasted every single product and picked the very best!!

and we have VERY special hand-spun lollipops, by the same gourmet candy maker who makes these for celebrity clients like Lebron James and Marc Jacobs and Chanel!

yup, we got TONS of them even though their waitlist extends till DECEMBER!!!! we got em for you!!

No tricks, all treats BS bag!

It's TIME for our very first SEASONAL BS bag! This bag is STUFFED with amazing treats that you will LOVE! Only the best of the best for you gals 🙂

So what is the BS bag anyways??

A BS bag (incase you missed it BS stands for Butch and Saira LOL,) is a mystery bag stuffed with goodness. This, our very FIRST seasonal BS bags is designed to treat you to something holiday appropriate, so you can enjoy the same feeling as a kid does when they ransack their trick or treat bags, or dump out their Christmas stocking.

Here is JUST a sample of what we have for you...
  • Butter finger fudge
  • Coconut chocolate
  • handmade cheese straws
  • JUMBO rice krispy treats
  • gourmet nuts
  • Handmade gourmet marshmallows
  • Toffee!!
and so much more!!

Since this is our first ever seasonal bag, we are offering one tier, at 49 bucks! And you are going to get a box of delicious treats that you will open and squeal JUST like a kid on halloween opening their trick or treat bags 🙂