Chicken Pot Pie

Saira Valley

Posted on December 17 2018

Chicken Pot Pie

OK listen up. If you do not have an instant pot, get one. It will save you a TON of time and it is perfect for making the stuffing for chicken pot pie, along with MANY other things. 

My son is obsessed with this pot pie recipe. It is fast, healthy and delicious! This will make two pies so you will have plenty of left overs. 


  • 4-6 chicken breasts 
  • 2 cans condensed chicken soup 
  • 1 can water (use the empty soup can)
  • 1 bag chopped frozen onion (or 2 diced fresh)
  • 2 tsp Garlic powder
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Pepper
  • 4-5 yellow potatoes (cubed)
  • 2 bags of mixed frozen peas, carrots and corn (or any veggies you prefer)
  • 2 ready made pie crust 

I use my Instant pot for this recipe. Pour condensed soup and water into the pressure cooker, then add dry spices and onions and mix well. Add whole chicken breasts and close the pot, cook for 30 minutes. If you don't have a genius chopper, you need one for any and all chopped potatoes. They make it VERY easy to cut fast. Just be careful the blades are sharp!

Open pot and use two forks to shred the chicken. The chicken should be VERY tender after cooking under high pressure for 30 minutes. If you find its still a bit tough, you can cook an additional 10 minutes. Shred chicken and then add frozen vegetables. 

Roll out the crust and place into two pie pans. Use a ladle to scoop the pot pie mixture into the pie crust. Cover with top crust. You can use an egg wash on top of the crust to add a glossy golden finish! 

Bake according to the pie crust instructions and chances are you will also have left over filling to eat as chicken stew!

Happy Feasting!

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