Jewelry Care


Your elastic bangles should last for years but they require proper care. Please be sure to:

  1. Roll the bangles off one by one. Elastic will degrade if its pulled too much, so best practice is to roll each bangle off one by one.
  2. Do not wear in the pool, shower, hot tub, or the ocean
  3. Avoid pulling, or tugging. 


Each necklace is handmade onto flexible wire to ensure longeivity and proper draping on your neck.

  1. Avoid tugging or pulling on the necklace.
  2. Store hanging on a necklace rack to prevent tangeling with other items.
  3. Do not wear in the shower


  1. Store earrings in a dry area, moisture can make leather warp.
  2. If you can, store them on a flat surface or hanging earring rack.
  1. Bronze is a base metal. which means it will oxidize like sterling silver or brass. To clean use a clean cotton cloth and use firction to rub away tarnish. It is normal for your skin to turn green sometimes.
  2. If this bothers you, simply remove your items at night.