About Us

I like to think of my body as a blank canvas, and fashion is the paint! 

For years and years I worked in corporate America and it was baffling to me that I was surrounded by these super smart, incredibly beautiful women who ALL dressed the same? The same navy suit, same shoes, same boring jewelry. I felt like I was in a George Orwell book. I never was the blending in type and my me time was shopping.

Have you ever felt that way? Like you are living in a uniform but all you want to do is rip your clothes off to reveal the fashion maven within? That was how I felt ALL the time! I was big into taking fashion risks, and dressed up even if I was just going to the market (in my very small town mind you.)

Fashion is expression! Whether you are going to the office, going to the playground or a power meeting, or a mommy group or dinner with friends (or a very special friend.) There is always a good reason to let your personality shine through your clothes, your shoes, your jewelry, your makeup, all of it!

And that is what I am all about. Designing your outward expression, to perfectly match your inner voice. I handmade every piece of jewelry, and source the best clothing from around the world!

I hope to help you express your most awesome self through fashion, and maybe some 80’s music and beauty tips along the way. So let me help you get to your best self. Join the group, the mailing list or shop right here :)

Shine on!