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About Us

Many women find shopping stressful, overwhelming and lonely. At Twisted Valley, we have cultivated a community of women who make shopping fun. We scour the globe for the very best in fashion and bring it right to your screen, so you don’t ever feel overwhelmed, underdressed or alone. However!! I also realize that not every lady likes to shop in groups, so, please enjoy the website or the app (android) (Apple) and feel free to email me if you have any questions, of need help. 

Truth time. I have been pretty much every size under the sun. I was a size 00; so tiny that I was shopping in the kids section at 24! I had 3 babies and was a size 24W/3XL for years, and now I am a size 8-10. I know what it's like to struggle to find clothes that flatter your body, whether that's an XS or a 3XL, or in between. 

Fashion should be a great time. It shouldn't be lonely, or stressful or agonizing. You should be able to shop for FUN and for function. My goal at Twisted Valley is to make fashion easy, and make it enjoyable. 

if you like to shop solo, we have an app and a website for that. You can get the best in fashion for a great value from your couch, to your door. No hassle. If you want more 1:1 help, and enjoy having other ladies shop with you, please join our incredibly awesome community. These women are legit, the best of the best. They will give you fashion advice, celebrate your wins, mourn your losses, and do it all while dressed to the 10's.  

We are a no pressure to buy group. You can shop, you can browse, you can chill. 

We are here, for you. 

If you need size help, please click here!!! 

Welcome to TV land ladies!!!