Drybar Curling Iron

Saira Valley

Posted on October 18 2018

Drybar Curling Iron

If you have read my Drybar Hair dryer review you know how much I love colorful hair tools, especially yellow ones. Somehow makes the arduous process of hair styling, pleasant. I snagged the Drybar iron at Ulta with one of those fabulous coupons to save 20% which made the $135 price tag a little easier to swallow, since I only had to cough up $108.

Dryer Curling IronAfter getting my hair nice and dry with the Dryer Buttercup dryer, I made 5 sections with clips and got busy with this curling iron. It has digital controls and heats up super-fast. So it didn’t take long to get the iron in my hair.

The iron isn’t your traditional iron where you turn the iron and your hair to get the hair wrapped and curled around the barrel. This has a twister ON the barrel! So you put the hair in the iron and roll the iron and it will roll the hair. So easy!

But, I wasn’t happy because my hair kept sliding out of the clip. UGH!!! I tried about a gazillion times and I either ended up with a crimped end or my hair was slipping out. So annoying. So I set down the curling iron and had to think of a new strategy. WAIT, I had an idea. I decided to grab my heat protectant glove and use the iron as a wand instead.


I placed the iron at my roots and rolled my hair around the barrel. Way faster than trying to get the clip to cooperate. I held the iron in place for 10 seconds, and released. Oh snap. Talk about defined curl! I was pleased. I kept going and managed to curl all my hair in about 12 minutes. Speed was great, curls looked full and bouncy but the real test was longevity! Saira curling hair dryer iron

How long would these curls of glory last?

Most of the time I leave home with curls out of a romance novel and I imagine they stay that way all day long. NOPE. When I get home my illusions are shattered and I actually look like Peggy from Married with Children after an all-night bender. Not a pretty sight. So I proceeded with caution and low expectations.

saira dryer curled hairI was stunned when I got home after a busy day to find my curls in-tact. Huh. Go figure. So I went to bed, figuring the night of tossing around would for sure destroy the curls. NOPE! Woke up to STILL curly hair. What the heck is in this iron? Magic dust?

So, all in all I am very pleased with the Drybar curling iron. These guys clearly know how to make a hair tool. 

But my advice, use it as a wand and invest in a good heat styling glove to keep your pretty little phalanges from getting fried. This one from Amazon works well! 

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