Alternative Therapies for chronic illness

Saira Valley

Posted on July 31 2019

Alternative Therapies for chronic illness

It's no secret that I suffer from adrenal fatigue and honestly traditional medicine has epically failed me. I have seen doctor after doctor and the only advice I get is to rest, and limit stress. 

Really? Thanks but I don't fancy living my entire life in a vortex of exhaustion, living with less energy than my 77 year old mother in law! That isn't living. That is surviving. At my last physical I shared with my doctor how depressing it was to constantly feel tired, foggy and have no energy to do anything, at all. She was very kind, but basically ran all the usual blood tests and said, well you have adrenal fatigue but the only real remedy is to rest rest rest. Excuse me while I sleep my life away. 

So when a sweet friend of mine suggested I look into an alternative I was all too happy to dive headfirst and check it out. She suffers from MS, so her condition is far worse than mine, and she said she as feeling tremendous benefits from something called a magnetic protocol. Hey, the universe is basically a giant magnet, and the sun does a number on the earth when magnetic fields are disrupted so, why not in the body too! It makes so much sense!

I contacted the treatment provider and eagerly went to my first visit. 

We had a great chat about what brought me in to see her, and she had me lay on a table and she put this magnet on my liver and some contraptions on my feet and i was waiting for the machines to come out. Probes that would send signals through my body, a computer. But nothing got wheeled out. 

"Is there some wifi connection that send these signals" I asked? 

She replied that no, she asked the questions in her mind and my body would respond. 

Well, shit I just totally got swindled. I spent 180 bucks for a quack to have a psychic conversation with my feet? DAMNIT. But it's too late now. I am here, I've committed to spending the money, soooo. I just decided to surrender to the experience without too much judgement and see what happened. 

So she does her thing, meanwhile, I am trying to keep an open mind. She tells me my body is informing her of all these things wrong with it, interestingly somethings i suspected did not show up. Hmmm. Then she asked a few questions about symptoms. Did I experience burning in my mouth. 

WTF. How did she know that? Because no joke, for like 6 months now I've been complaining of this weird burning sensation in my mouth and no one could figure it out. I didn't mention it to her. But she knew.....

Maybe there is something to this. 

The exam continued and by the end she had a list of things my body had told her were going on. She suggested we start magnetic treatments to basically blast  them out of my body. Sure, why the hell not! Even though the skeptic in me is like of course you found all this shit wrong with me, I am your new cash cow! 

But to be honest at this point, what have I got to lose. 

Since I was going to be putting my scientific mind to rest and gamble on this, I decided I should do some research. I am not exactly sure how it works, but the basic premise is that the magnets create a a neutralization of pathogens in the body, and then once they are neutralized by these magnetic frequencies, our body sheds them and we begin healing. It sounds like a load of voodoo magic, but when you consider that we are basically held in place within the endless universe by the forces of magnetic energy, maybe it isn't so crazy? We shall see. 

In closing, I will continue to document my journey with this treatment, I plan to give it a whirl since thus far traditional medicine has been of little help. I remind myself that Shaman and Witch doctors and homeopathic practitioners and naturopaths have been treating maladies of the body through alternative means for thousands of years, many with great success. I mean just think about Reiki therapy!! It may be hocus pocus, but at this point I am willing to take a leap of faith and give it a shot.

Regardless though, it really made me sad to think about how many people are struggling with invisible illness, and doctors just don't have the tests to identify their issue or give it a name. In our quest for any kind of relief we just try anything and everything, hoping to find an answer. More often than not we turn to supplements and pharmaceuticals to try and treat the symptoms, never really knowing what is going on underneath to cause the symptoms in the first place.  

We are a culture of medicating the symptom, rather than investigating the cause. Take this pill and treat this, and oh, now take this next pill to fix what that other pill did to you. It's layer after layer of overmedication to treat a manifestation of disease rather than a thorough investigation into what the body is fighting to begin with. Holistic whole body care seems to be scoffed at as antiquated and the remedies are always more pills, more chemicals. I just don't know that I want to live that way. 

So will this work? I have no idea. But the definition of 
insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. Only way to avoid going insane and making zero progress is to do something totally different than I have been doing. 

Here I go!! Stay tuned for updates!!

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  • Deanna M Bourbeau: July 31, 2019

    I haven tried this before but I go to an acupuncturist frequently. I can seriously feel my chi move sometimes…it is freaky! It has helped me with so many thing like my chronic cough. It actually had to do with my liver. Who knew. Anyways….I am all for alternative medicine. So good luck and hope it works!!!

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