Drink yourself to better health

Saira Valley

Posted on July 02 2020

Drink yourself to better health

I decided that July was going to be my month for self-care, so today was day 1 of goal setting. I set a goal to drink these 3 bottle of water…….

So far I am failing 😂 

I’ve finished 1! But 2 remain, the night is young though so I am going to push to finish strong.

Let’s talk about why hydration is so important.

  • Let’s start with vanity first. Water makes your skin glow. When we hydrate it helps keep our skin be supple and dewy, helps to prevent wrinkles and as a toxin flusher it helps minimize blemishes.  
  • Water helps the body absorb nutrients. Water aids in dissolving the mineral and nutrients that we ingest, and when they are dissolved our body can better metabolize them. Cool right?
  • Water helps flush toxins out of your body by supporting adequate kidney function. While water wont magically kill toxic stuff we ingest, it helps your kidneys work, and flush those yucky things out of your body when you pee. Yay for water! 
  • Water helps your brain function better. Did you know the brain is 75% water? When your brain has adequate hydration you will think more clearly and have better focus. Water also helps deliver nutrients to your brain to help it stay strong and healthy. Rad!! 
  • It helps lubricate your joints so you can move better! The synovial fluid that lubricates your joints is made up of, you got it, mostly water. This magical fluid helps reduce friction when we move around and helps keep surrounding muscle and tissue healthy. 
  • Helps with digestion! Water and other liquids in your gut help to break down and digest that food you just ate, and helps keep everything, how shall we say…moving easily LOL. Water also helps to keep things moving in your intestines and helps us absorb nutrition from our meals. 
  • It’s great for weight loss and energy. Water can help suppress your appetite (if consumed before meals,) and it helps you burn more calories. Drinking water can also help you get rid of stubborn fat by increasing your metabolic rate by up to 100 calories a day (according to healthline.)

I mean do you need any more reasons to keep yourself hydrated??!

So grab your water bottles and hydrate yourself with me!!! I may get up to pee all night since I didn’t pace my drinking during the day but whatever!!

Do you struggle with water intake? If not, what are some tips you can share to help others hydrate better!!


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