Revlon One Step Volumizer - Get it Straight!

Saira Valley

Posted on September 19 2018

Revlon One Step Volumizer - Get it Straight!

I WISH I was like my best friend Ashley, who can take her horse mane hair and whip a giant round brush through it effortlessly and blow dry her hair to salon perfection in a matter of minutes. But that is not me. I am the clumsy friend, the one who manages to get her hair tangled around the brush, rips out a bunch in the process, burns her scalp and frys her ends. I am NOT skilled at round brush blow drying. I try. But it is embarrassing. 

Revlon DryerSO, you can just imagine my excitement when a friend of mine suggested the Revlon one step volumizer. I could not WAIT to get my hands on this magic tool. I had BIG DREAMS, of voluminous hair, shiny like a diamond, and smooth as silk. Party on Wayne. 

After the obligatory thorough wash and condition, I applied some heat protecting spray and did a quick towel dry, and then did a once over blow dry to get to 80% dry with my Drybar buttercup. Saira and Revlon dryer

Then, I excitedly got the revlon dryer going and started brushing while it dried. I have to say, I was actually pretty impressed at the first results. My hair was drying, it was not getting caught in the brush and it was looking silky! I was happy to continue.

But as I went on, my excitement diminished. My hair looked just so so, i didn't think it looked any better than if i had just dried it in the air. But, I am not one to give up easily, so I decided I would try again in a few days. 

Fast forward, two days later it was hair wash time again. This time I let my hair air dry a bit and then once it was about 80% dry, I started to blow dry with the Revlon one step volumizer again. THIS TIME, this time I was happy, beginning to end. 

Saira Revlon ResultsI think I just needed to practice using the brush and getting comfortable with rolling my hair around it and brushing as it dried.

When I finished, my hair was smooth, frizz free, shiny and soft! As someone who really really REALLY sucks at blow drying with two hands, this is a life saver.

I am 100% happy with this product and plan to continue using it. It makes having straight but not flat hair achievable for those of us that lack dexterity and coordination.  

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