Skin Care Diaries - Clean it up!

Saira Valley

Posted on September 04 2018

Skin Care Diaries - Clean it up!

In the 80’s cleaning your skin consisted of pre-soaked acid pads that promised to eradicate acne and make you glow like a radioactive shaved mouse, and attract all manner of also acne free teenage boys.
I weep for the tragic abuse all of us subjected our fragile teenage skin to back then. Thank goodness we know better today. And yes, that IS who you think it is doing an acne pad commercial Circa 1980 something!

If you are like me, no matter what you do, your skin looks like an oil slick that you could fry an egg on. Your pores are big enough to swim in, and mascara from 3 days ago is STILL bleeding onto your face making you look like you just lost a fight over a cupcake.

Not pretty.

I was tired of this. I knew there had to be a way to salvage my sad skin that didn’t involve a face transplant, or constant air brushing on an app. Note to self, one cannot actually airbrush ones face in real life. After all the research I chatted about in the skincare 101 post, I started to utilize the highly recommended double cleanse method.  

Now look, I will be 100% honest with you. My cleaning routine prior to this eye opening education was a Neutrogena makeup wipe.

Don’t judge me, you’ve done it.

The idea of doing a DOUBLE cleanse seemed like a big time commitment to me. But, I wanted amazing skin, and like an amazing body (no, I do not have that but that is a post for another day) that meant I had to do a little bit of work. FINE! Whatever. Let’s just get to it, shall we.

Step 1 of a double cleanse is a make-up and general grossness remover. Saira washing face step 1

A cleansing balm or oil is the perfect choice for this and will work to attract excess oil OUT of our pores without drying you our like papier-mâché, the oils also hug nasty yuck on your skin and break down makeup. The good ones are gentle enough to slather right on your eyes to remove eye makeup.

Cleansing balms and oils are applied to dry skin usually and massaged in all over your face and NECK. You can add water to help emulsify it more. For the love of the lord in heaven above do not neglect your neck.

There is no point in having a well-cared for face sitting on a turkey neck. It matters. don’t skip it.  

Massage this magical balm or oil into your skin and when done you actually do NOT splash your face with water. Say goodbye to splashing your face ever again. You will use a hand towel, warmed up with water to WIPE this stuff of your face.  You are welcome.

Step 2 of this process involves a second cleaner. Listen to me, if it foams you are not allowed to use it. Foam = satan. Moving on.  You will want a good cleansing milk for this step.
Cleansing milk

A milk is a wonderful choice 
because it won’t suck your pores dry. These are made from a natural emulsion of waters and fats and work together to remove any excess dirt, makeup and horrible stuff that can pile up on your skin during the day (and night) leaving your skin fresh, soft and NOT dry. You will apply the milk to your moist face post balm, and remove with that warm, wet hand towel

That my friends, is the double cleanse. Believe me, your skin will thank you for this. Do it twice a day and it’s worth the 2 minutes it will take. I promise. You cannot skip cleaning your skin

The best, healthiest and most radiant skin starts with a solid cleansing routine. You cannot do it once and then not for a week. You need to commit to this, twice a day. Every. Single. Day. No cheating because believe you me, your skin will KNOW. I’ve tried.

I will provide detailed review of each of these products, but for  you eager beavers, here is what I use after exhaustive research. For cleansing oil I use SheaMoisture Extra Virgin coconut oil (and yes I have oily skin) or if I feel like splurging, I use Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Both do a fantastic job of removing dirt, oils, makeup and other grime from your face. For cleansing milk, I am a huge fan of Clarins Alpine milk. It is soft, creamy and effective in removing any residual makeup and pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural oils. I grab these usually from Amazon unless Ulta is having a sale, because well, Prime! 

Need a quicker overview?  Check out our summary on the double cleanse!

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  • Saira Valley: September 06, 2018

    Oh don’t worry, I will be posting an entire blog entry on JUST This topic very shortly!

  • Samantha: September 06, 2018

    Hey girl! What do you use after you cleanse for a moisturizer? Do you use a toner? SPF? Eye cream?
    You left me hanging LOL!

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