Whiter teeth without the pain (and other teeth truths)

Saira Valley

Posted on January 26 2020

Whiter teeth without the pain (and other teeth truths)
You know what I'm talking about. You get this brilliant idea to whiten your teeth for new years, you run out and get the strongest bleach you can find and get to work. YES! This is the year of the whitest teeth. 

or not...

Two days into this new resolution for better teeth you start to feel that searing pain. It's like the agonizing pain of back labor, in your teeth! Sharp, shooting, world ending pain. Why, WHY is tooth pain so horrific. 

You cringe, holding your poor throbbing mouth in your hands, weeping because your poor teeth are crying and you can't eat, talk or salivate without the pain reminding you its there. 

You throw out the bleach, swearing to never ever use it again, like you are striking a bargain with your teeth. "I will throw these away, and vow never to use them again, if you stop hurting....deal?"

Only you forget this deal, and the next year you do it again. Cycle continues. 

BUT, lo and behold. Turns out there IS a way!! You can bleach your teeth and not have pain!! At least that was the case for me when my dentist told me about this magical blue stuff called "Remineralization gel.

What is this magic I asked? well, it turns out that when we bleach our teeth, the bleach can penetrate through our enamel making our teeth more sensitive to like, everything. The gel helps the enamel actively remineralize itself and protect our teeth once again. No long explanation. Just science!! 

For bleaching I prefer to use the molded trays I have from my dentist and blow a small amount of bleach onto each tooth. This prevents the gel from touching your gums and burning them. Yikes. You can make your own at home molding tray to use with bleach here. I use this LED whitening system to get whiter teeth but I choose to use a tray instead of the one they provide because I really don't like the idea of bleach on my gums! 

Also, just a side note. I am SUPER careful about what I put in my body, and there have been a ton of studies done on how toothpaste is FULL of stuff you really don't want in your body. Heck a simple google search will yield more results that you ever want to read about the toxic chemicals we ingest when we brush our teeth. Opt for a natural toothpaste and natural mouthwash to prevent exposure to unnecessary chemicals. This toothpaste by Hello is my favorite! It leaves your breath fresh and teeth fabulous without any extra BS. 

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