WOW hair "cocktails"

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Posted on February 20 2019

WOW hair "cocktails"

I was at my favorite salon, ChillSpa in Manchester, NH (awesome place by the way) and the day I was there so was this lovely gentleman educating us all about WOW hair care products. I listened only because I am a product junkie and well, this dude was hysterical. Like, super-duper funny but also, knows hair. Good combo! So, he is talking about these three hair “cocktails,”they were Kale Cocktail, Coconut Cocktail and Carb Cocktail and they came in these fancy silver bottles. Ok, you have my attention. So back to Ulta I go, sheesh I should buy stock at this place! Each bottle costs $25 and naturally I grabbed them all.

Wow hair care
The Kale cocktail claims to strengthen hair, detangle and reduce breakage. The Coconut cocktail says it will provide hydration, shine and and silkiness. The Carb cocktail is apparently heat activated and claims to give hair fullness and volume, but I personally didn't notice any change in the size or thickness of my hair with that product.

I will say, they smell delicious, not overwhelming or perfumy. The Kale and Coconut cocktails made my coarse curly hair soft, shiny and manageable but a little goes a long way so avoid using a ton which will create a greasy vibe.

Not cool unless you are a grunge rocker.

I actually looked at my hair under my microscope (yes I am a giant nerd) after applying the products and my strands were solid and smooth, no frays or breaks. Far cry from the norm!

I would recommend the Kale and Coconut cocktail to anyone who wants healthy, shiny hair, without being weighted down or smelling like a perfume lady spritzing your face at Macys. The Carb cocktail didn't really do much for me. 

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