5 Skin Care Myths BUSTED - Myth 3

Scrubbing my face will help keep my skin clear of blackheads and smooth texture.

ACK! Scrub and face should never be said in the same sentence. 

But most of us remember the St. Ives Apricot scrub, and we SCRUBBED! We believed (me too) that the harder we scrubbed and the more red our skin, the more effectively we had resurfaced our skin and eliminated black heads, and of course, smoothed the texture on our face. 

Only it never quite worked out that way. We still broke out, we still had texture issues and our skin did NOT get better. Yet....we kept using it. 

Go figure.

Abrasive scrubs that have coarse particles literally rip your skin on a microscopic level. Yikes. So all that scrubbing is really just doing a mini Freddy Kruger on your delicate face and solving exactly ZERO problems. 

A good physical exfoliator should be soft and feel like the smoothest sand. Just textured enough to feel grainy but never rough. You should massage it gently into your skin and remove with warm water. This will help with surface issues, and help your skin feel soft and smooth. If you want deeper exfoliation, grab a chemical product like Glycolic acid or an enzyme mask to help penetrate into your pores and dissolve grossness.