5 Skin Care Myths BUSTED - Myth 4

Skin adapts to a routine and it eventually becomes ineffective. 

Nope. Unlike exercise routines where we can plateau unless we change things up, the same is not true for skin. You would never say your body no longer needs water, because you drank it for a while so now it adjusted......or that you don't need vitamins anymore because your body got used to them. 

Same is true with good skin care and skin care products. If you have a routine that is working and your skin is happy and cooperative (lucky you) there is no reason to change anything. 

With that said, the needs of our skin can become more demanding as we age and we try to control fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of aging like texture of dark spots. So, the nature of your skin may change as you age, or if you start spending more time in the sun. But those are external factors that have nothing to do with the products you use. 

So if its working, and your skin is happy, keep it up!