5 Skin Care Myths BUSTED - Myth 5

If it's tingling, it means its working!

When I was in my 20's I was in Pakistan and I saw a dermatologist who did a skin resurfacing thing and gave me some topical treatments to use right away to remove dark spots that were stubborn. I did what she told me and everyday the product burned like acid, and I thought that meant it was working. It actually left my face a horrible mess of chemical burns and spots that lasted for years!! 

A very slight tingle can be normal with certain products, but those feelings should be painless and short. If you're applying products to your face and they burn, or cause prolonged tingling, thats a sign of irritation and inflammation, not healing and treatment. 

If you use something that makes your skin angry, make sure you use a cleansing oil to remove the offending product and then use a mild cleansing milk to wash your face. Moisturize your skin and do NOT use any active ingredients such as acids or enzyme masks for a few days. Use a soothing moisturizer and make sure you use sunscreen the next day!! Skin that is irritated will be very sensitive to the sun and needs to be protected to avoid prolonging the damage. 

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