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Local Pick Up (Hollis, NH)


I wanted to share some important info. please read 🙂

  1. When your items are ready for pick up you will get an email from Twisted Valley. The email will say your items are on the way **BUT NO TRACKING IS LISTED!! **The **lack of tracking **is the indication that your items are in the pick up bin. orders are filled in the order they are paid for, so if you have 3 orders over a weeks time, they wont all be ready at the same time. we pack and fulfill in order of payment, and that includes items being shipped out of state.

  2. We JUST launched our automated pick up option, but since this a new system sometimes the tech can be glitchy and you may select pick up but the system puts it in the ship manifest. If that happens, you will get a fulfillment email and you WILL see a tracking number. we don't charge you for the mistake we make, **but that means your items will NOT be in the bin. they have been shipped **(albeit by accident)

  3. IF you have food items, the pick up bin with FOOD orders will be inside our garage. Walk to the side of the house and you will see the garage door. Open and grab your items from the pink basket on the left. **Doors are usually unlocked Monday-Friday by 11AM and are open till 11PM. **on weekends we open the door around 1PM, if you need it open earlier just let us know.

  4. Please try to collect pick up items within 7 business days. The bin gets really full and we don't want people digging through as it can cause labels to fall off and then we have to re open packages and repack them. 

  5. Once the items are in the bin, we cannot be held responsible for their misplacement or if someone accidentally grabs the wrong items. This is why its critical that you come and pick them up ASAP!!! We do check the bin once a week and try to remind folks if they have items waiting, but please be aware of your pending orders. Once they are fulfilled, they bags are sealed and placed out in the bin so we aren't able to go out and check them to see what we fulfilled.