Local Pick Up (Hollis, NH)


I wanted to share some important info. please read 🙂

We are pleased to offer local pick up. Please read below to understand how you should checkout to ensure you aren't charged shipping. 

Paying an invoice from a claim on the wall or live sale:
When you pay your invoice, you will see a screen that LOOKS like you have to choose shipping. Look up at the top of your window and you will see TEXT that says INFORMATION. Click that. It will take you back one step. There you can choose Pick up. and complete your payment.
Checking out on the App:
The app is like the invoice, it will look like you have to choose shipping. Click your cart to check out. You will see NO option for local pick up here. the system will force you to choose a shipping method. Dont worry about it. click any one and move forward to Make a Payment. ON THIS screen you will see the "Return to information link" at the bottom of your screen. Click that, and you will be taken back to the screen where you can choose pick up. We are working on improving this interface but for now, this is the best option.
Checking out on the website:
This is the easy one LOL. Shop, click check out, choose pick up. done!
When your order is ready, you will now get an email that has the subject "your order is ready for pick up" That's it!

So easy!!! I hope this will make the pick up process itself more clear. I am working with our software folks to see if we can make the default page you land on with the app and when you click pay invoice to be the information screen, not the shipping screen. But for now, this is the system we have.
Let me know if you have any questions