8 Beauty Must Have Items

Saira Valley

Posted on June 13 2019

8 Beauty Must Have Items

Below are the 8 must have products I use on my skin! I hope they bring you radiance!! 

This is the best coconut oil to gently and effectively clean your skin. Massage gently onto dry skin, and it will effortlessly melt makeup, mascara, lipstick and more. Can be purchased from Amazon

This incredible smooth and gentle milk will remove any remaining impurities on your skin. You will feel refreshed, and clean without feeling tight or dry. Available at Amazon.

Skin needs chemical acids to help break down dead cells and penetrate into pores to dissolve impurities. Use this at night every other day to start! This will help keep your skin's texture smooth, and reduce the appearance of large pores. Available at Amazon


Vitamin C is an extremely important elixir to make your skin radiant and healthy. This glow serum, is affordable and effective, Use once a day in the AM after you wash your face and before you apply any creams. It will help even your skin tone and reduce dark spots. Purchase directly from Mae Love on line


Hyaluronic acid is a MUST have, and you can grab this product (Hado Labo) on Amazon. This stuff will help hydrate your skin, but even more it will regulate moisture all day. So whether you get dry at the end of the day, or look like an oil slick, this will help normalize your moisture all day long so your skin is the same at the end of the day as it is at the start. 

The best lightweight hydrator, Tatcha water gel! Use this after your Hado Labo to ensure your skin is properly hydrated and ready for make up. This is a perfect choice for almost all skin types and won't feel heavy on your skin during the day. Available at Amazon. 

Retinoids are an important part of any good skin care routine, especially as we try to minimize the evidence of aging. Use this only 2X a week in the evening to start. It is quite potent so only use a small amount, and do not use this the same nights you use an acid. Apply a thin layer in the evening after you finish washing your face. Always use sunscreen the next day to protect your skin. Retinoids are a powerful Vitamin A and work to minimize the signs of aging, do not use if you are nursing or pregnant. Available at Amazon

Vintners Daughter is a luxury item, and certainly not a must have BUT if you really want to indulge and give your skin the red carpet treatment, this oil serum is LIFE. A combination of 22 active ingredients found in nature,  this is made like a fine wine for your skin. After just one use your skin will glow like a movie star. Use in the evenings as your last skin care step.  You can buy this directly on their website

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