Dyson Super Sonic?

Saira Valley

Posted on August 08 2018

Dyson Super Sonic?

Dyson Hair DyerWe all know how incredible Dyson vacuum cleaners are, they suck up everything and go forever, so you can imagine my excitement when the super hero vacuum company came out with a hair dryer. Praise all things. When I got to Sephora to buy the dryer I was so excited, as I paid $399 I cringed but thought to myself if the stories were true that it would literally shave time off my blow drying I didn’t care. Take all my money! So I carried this beast of a dryer to my truck and headed home to take a shower to test the magical dryer.

The unit comes packaged perfectly in an almost Barbie like pink box. It had a diffuser and a focused heat attachment for straightening and these attached with some pretty strong magnets. No screwing things in, or twisting hoping to get the threads right.

How many times have you accidentally screwed the attachments to your dryer on wrong and it goes on all wonky and lop sided? Not with magnets! Genius!

Also genius is the design of the dryer. It’s a cylinder. So you know that feeling when you are drying your hair, and you accidentally get your hair caught in the back end of the dryer and you smell burning hair? Or am I the only one? Anyways, back to the point. Brilliant design to protect those luscious locks of yours from getting fried.

So, I am showered, I quickly towel dried my hair and I have applied my hair products to protect me from frizz and heat and all other manner of elements that seem to be out there just to make women’s hair look like Diana Ross circa 1974 on a humid day on a Miami beach. I turn the dryer on, From an ergonomics perspective its awkward. I think we have all gotten so used to how traditional hair dryers feel in our hand in terms of weight and shape but I kept going.  The hair dryer has serious power, heat and isn’t too loud. So far so good!

Hmmmmm, this was taking a long time. Given what I had read about the epic Dyson, I had expected my hair to be much dryer after 10 minutes of blowing. So I kept going for another 5 minutes and then put the attachment for straightening on. I whipped out my round brush and went to town, still hopeful that I would have magical no frizz and bone dry hair in a matter of minutes.

Maybe I hadn’t dried it enough with the towel first? I keep going, drying and brushing. 10 minutes later my hand is cramping and my arm is tired. I decided that after 25 minutes which is already longer than I normally spend drying my hair, the Dyson Dryer did not meet expectations. My hair looked just so so compared to what I normally get with my other dryer (which I will review in a separate post).

For $399 I really expected something more impressive, reduced time, increased shine and manageability, something, anything more than I got. So what is the bottom line?

For me the Dyson Dryer was a disappointment and I sadly would not recommend it. Having said that, I may be the ONLY person on the planet though who didn't love it!


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