Humor and permanent personal evolution

Saira Valley

Posted on August 07 2018

Humor and permanent personal evolution
Wecome to my world! The first thing I have to share is that I am a squirrel. Yes, that means that I see a shiny object, or a piece of dog hair, or a cute baby and I get distracted. I jump from thought to thought like a squirrel chases nuts, so says my good friend Renea! And she is 100% right. as you follow along on this journey with me through blogging, fashion, styling and so on, just don’t be alarmed by my somewhat, fickle train of thought. Eventually, you will grow to love it, I promise!

But what do we do here. I have a lot of things I am interested in, like, a real lot. Everything from history, random news, acting, books, beauty, make up, skincare, fashion and styling, home décor, self -improvement, wellness and weight loss and cooking, omg food!! Ok you get the point. I like a lot. I talk about a lot. I research about a lot, but two things will be common in all my posts; humor and personal evolution.

See, I believe it is super important to laugh, infact, research has shown in several studies that laughter can lower high blood pressure, boost your immune system, help improve your cardiovascular health, relieve pain AND reduce stress! And that’s just SOME of the amazing health benefits of laughter. Not to mention, it just feels good to laugh. So you will find that humor is something I personally find important so it is definitely a common thread in all our posts regardless of topic.

The second is personal evolution. My dad is this super bohemian, yogi type who meditates with monks and frogs in the forests of Sri Lanka. You can imagine that growing up, we had a lot of discussions about mindset, growth, being one with nature and the elements and all manner of other hippie things. I grew up with a very deep respect for the human journey towards something, and that something is not a fixed goal that you get to, and you are done. It is a constant process that is at the very core of being human, and it applies to everything from beauty, to fashion, to career and marriage and child rearing.

We are always growing and learning, and all of our content will be about that journey towards self-realization. To feeling amazing about yourself, inside and out, and the ways we all feel good differ from person to person. For one, it could be fitness and healthy eating, for someone else amazing wardrobe style and skincare, for another maybe home decoration and organization, and for those lucky few (like me LOL) ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME!

We invite you to be a part of our family, and our world. And we hope you enjoy the posts  that we will create for you, which will be like a squirrel  and could range from a product review of the best beauty cleansing balm on the market, to how to make Indian food, and even travel reviews of destinations like Iceland or Turks & Caicos. We like to live a full, jam packed, crazy, adventurous, multi-faceted life, and we are excited to have you along for the ride.

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  • Lisa McCullough: September 06, 2018

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to follow your journey. Good luck with everything 💜

  • Minessa A Konecky: August 08, 2018

    Wow dude, when you tell it that way our life WAS pretty crazy, wasn’t it!

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