No more excuses

Saira Valley

Posted on July 07 2020

No more excuses
One of the things I am not great at doing is going live for our business. I KNOW it is important, but i put it off and before I know it months have gone by. It's a source of constant disappointment for me because I realize how important it is, but I don't prioritize it. 

The main reason is because my boutique is constantly a mess because it’s a small space and as you all know, small spaces get messy. Fast. We use the space for everything related to our business and instead of just sorting it out, I take over other parts of the house to make room for XYZ task I can't do in the boutique because its messy, and that just means more clutter piling up all around me. 

So I avoid going live because I avoid cleaning. And as a result it affects my business, the rest of my house and my overall state of mind. 

Well! Yesterday I decided the era of excuses is over!!! My son helped me and we tackled the giant mess and created this wall facing live area. Now, no mess to clean up. It’s a wall 😂😂

This looks like a simple task after all there’s not a ton there. But man. This was work! The amount of stuff we had to move, purge and organize was massive. We tackled the task together, one piece at a time. While doing it, i will admit it seemed as if we were going backwards. The mess was growing, the piles looked worse as we rearranged and experimented. But, we just kept at it. And by the end, we had success!

Both of us are sore today. But it is a great sore!! The kind where you earned every ache and feel accomplished! The space feels good, and so does my heart. 

Sometimes we don’t do things because we haven’t created an environment around us that supports the doing of said thing. Maybe you want to learn to cook new food but your kitchen is a mess so you don’t. Maybe you want to try yoga, but you don’t have a space that’s peaceful and calm to try it.

Any number of reasons keep us from doing things we know we should, or know we want to do. And many times creating an organized, clean and easy to maintain space is all takes to help get things going.

What area would you like to organize so you can DO something you really want or need to do?!

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    I finally organized my closet by color. It’s been in my to-do list forever!!! I’m loving it!

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