Socializing to live a long life? who knew!

Saira Valley

Posted on February 28 2021

Socializing to live a long life? who knew!
Socializing is apparently a key to living a long life! I learned this today when watching a video by Dr. Susan Pinker, where she discusses studies that show our relationships have a significant if not exceptional influence on our longevity....

According to this study, the greatest influencer of longevity in life, greater than anything else was our relationships! Our sense of social belonging and a place where we have friends to gather with.

THIS is why I do what I do.

Last night, I was chatting with a friend and I remembered the isolation I felt when I first moved to a new town. I had a baby, a new husband, i'd only lived in America for a few years, and I worked full time in a very demanding job. I was so lonely. I attempted to make friends in a mommy group, and I was politely told to leave because I was "too busy" and obviously my work mattered more than my family.

It was crushing, and it brought back all the pain I felt as a young child and teenager when I had few friends, when no one came to my party, and when I joined a new school and had no one to talk to and was bullied relentlessly. the social narrative I had been told over and over was that I was not worthy. I was not worth someones time. I had nothing to offer. I was insignificant. I remember being 10 years old, sobbing in my mothers arms because I was so painfully lonely. 

Several years ago I made a huge leap and started a business of my very own, which scared me to death because I had NO network outside of my very corporate work. I had no friends locally where I lived, I had no business starting a business that was built upon relationships. Because I had almost none. My life was my work and my children. But I knew deep down I wanted more. I wanted to belong to something greater than myself, and I wanted to help people find happiness. 

I started with nothing, and slowly built up a group on Facebook which is now over 2,400 strong. While it serves as my online place of business, it's so much more than that. Something priceless exists there. Community.

We are women looking out for other women. Connections between people that I hope in some small way bring meaning to their day. My goal in my group is not just about making a living, it's about making joy, promoting acceptance and cultivating relationships. In the time of Covid, we are so, so isolated, and I am grateful that we have social media so we can still BE connected and feel maybe just a little less alone.

I know nothing replaces the face to face moments we cherish with loved ones, friends and even strangers. But I hope that the members of my community find something that helps them feel connected, because apparently it does a while lot of good to have a social circle 🙂

If you love shopping and want to be part of a community, I invite you to join us. My business is about making women feel good, from soul to seam. Just click here to join the journey! 

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